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Sep 26, 2019

Money isn’t everything, but it is one of the main reasons we do what we do. Sometimes we feel like money can be hard to come by or we just need a little more to keep going. Everyone has been there, but few know how to approach those feelings the right way.

This episode centers around using your mind to multiply your income. We have control over so few things in our life, so we should take the opportunity to control the things that we can. One of these things is how much money we can make.

Today, I’m going to give you specific strategies on how to use your mind to benefit your income. Clear your brain and grab a pen and paper because these are real life tips you will want to put into practice right away.

“Money isn’t everything, but money does help a lot and money does give you the tool as a tool. It helps you accomplish the things you want to accomplish. It helps you live the life you want to live in order to then turn around and add even more value to the world.”

In this episode Avani talks about:

  • The reasons she starts with her mind when searching for more income.
  • How her mindset has changed the way she views and spends her money.
  • Tips around how you can adjust your mindset around your money and the money you’re going to earn.

1. Change your vocabulary

This is one of the biggest things keeping people stuck financially. Your brain is hearing what you’re saying and it’s responding. If you’re using negative language regarding money, “I’m broke, I need more money, etc.” then your brain will be convinced that this is the reality. Throw this language away and use affirmations instead!

2. Write your affirmations

Writing is a powerful signal to your mind that strengthens the neural pathways. You can write your affirmations however you want, but make sure that you are consistent in recording them.

3. Meditate on abundance

Meditate on the abundant things in your life. Specifically, picture this abundance as something physical, like a shape or color and how it feels. Let this envelop you. It’s a powerful tool that allows abundance to be present in your life.

4. Try using cash

A great way to visualize your abundance is to use cash. Remember, money is simply a transfer of energy. Using cash helps the purchase you’re making hit home. It’s a great way to repeat the affirmation “there’s more where that came from!”

5. Imagine your money

Track your income with a spreadsheet or app. Then imagine a few more zeros on those numbers. Think of the difference you can make with that money. This will be a powerful motivator and affirmation around your money and what you can accomplish with it.

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