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Sep 28, 2020

Today, I talk with the amazing Amanda Rabideau. Amanda runs Arch Collective out of San Francisco and is a fractional CMO.

She has an amazing team of freelancers that she works with at Arch Collective and brings the best talent to her marketing clients. We talk about how she runs her business and how she brings massive value to the clients and the startups that she serves. 

In her first job out of college, Amanda worked in sales for a startup and had to quickly learn how to do cold outreach as well as how to nurture long-term relationships. She first started thinking about freelancing after interviewing for several companies that all had the same pain points. She thought more about how she could work for all of them and landed on freelance consulting. 

Amanda has thoughtfully put together the best people to bring the best results to her clients. And in today’s episode, she shares tips and guidelines for how you can do the same in your own business. 


“We want to take a $5 million company and make it look like a $50 million company without the price tag of full-time people to do that. And so you can bring in an amazing illustrator, you can bring in an amazing copywriter on one set project. And yeah, you pay for them and you pay for that talent, but you don't need to keep them on full-time for the rest of the year and not have as much work for them. So I think it's a really effective way to deploy capital, which is so sacred. ” ~ @ArchCollective_

Main Takeaways

  • Understanding the metrics that determine success for your clients is the best way to deliver a great final product. 
  • The fewer items you’re waiting on from your client and the more you follow up with them, the more value you can add to your business and client. If you have a deadline, it’s on you to get the materials you need to accomplish that task by the deadline.
  • Freelancers will have to put in more effort and work harder than full-time team members. Know your worth and demonstrate it. 
  • Whether you are a creative or otherwise, this is your business. You are a professional and you should conduct business in that manner. You need contracts, documentation, and follow-up. 


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