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Aug 31, 2020

Non-negotiables are the basics and foundation of your business. These items are the must-do items that are recurring on a daily basis. Of course, these items vary and differ from person to person, depending on their priorities, and goals - but they should be the cornerstone of how you operate your business and life.

Today, I’m sharing my list of non-negotiables, some critical components of my routine, and the reason they’re my priority. I also talk about how these non-negotiables help me get focus and stay grounded.

“Life happens and if you aren’t feeling it for some reason, take care of your non-negotiables and then rest up and you can come back feeling better the next day ready to work even more effectively. Non-negotiables are created to give us freedom.” ~ @avanimiriyala

Main Takeaways

  • Set the non-negotiables that will work for you and your business. These are going to be the basics and the must-do items for you on a recurring basis to help you reach your goals.
  • The three main non-negotiable types are learning, business growth, and mindset. 
  • My five non-negotiables for my business are reading, podcasts, reaching out to clients, posting to Instagram, and coming up with my 10 ideas of the day.
  • My personal non-negotiables include drinking three, 24oz bottles of water each day, working out, cryotherapy, and getting my nails done.
  • Work on getting your mindset to the level you imagine your future self has. Step into that version of yourself today.


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