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Jun 29, 2020

Today’s guest is Edita Atteck. Edita is a personal breakthrough strategist and helps entrepreneurs around the world claim their inner power by guiding them to effectively work with stress. She focuses on helping her clients prevent burnout, unlock resilience, release limiting subconscious programming, optimize their mindset, and maximize their wellbeing in all areas of life.

In this episode, Edita and I get to the root of what you can do to level up in your life, how your subconscious affects your perspective on the world, and where to go from here with that knowledge. 

“How do we contribute to the world, as opposed to just looking how much we want to have in the bottom line? It used to be such a strong trend to focus on your profit and don't speak up about things that may matter because that may impact your bottom line. For me, that's not entrepreneurship. We are a human family first, then we are entrepreneurs.” ~ @editaatteck

Main Takeaways

  • Inner mastery is simply access to our inner power and inventory, which is all of our emotions, thoughts, nervous system, moods, and more.
  • Everything inside of us is interconnected. From the nervous systems to hormones to ego and personality, it’s all joined. Trying to grab one of these out and say “this is me” is incomplete. 
  • Your subconscious mind and its filters have a massive impact on how you see the world and how you act inside of it. It’s listening to you constantly, so choose your words carefully. 


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