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Feb 13, 2020

In today’s episode, I talk with Andrea Collins. Andrea is a former national radio host and is now a freelance voiceover artist making a six-figure income.

Andrea spent close to 13 years in radio and television before going out on her own. And over the past year, she’s been building her business from the ground up.

It has been an exciting and scary time all at once, so Andrea dug in to freelancing as a way to ‘layoff-proof’ her job. She didn’t want to be subjected to the whims of the tumultuous media industry.

She started with some podcast consulting and had a few other channels, when voiceover work started to produce some good results. She leaned into it and found resources that allowed her to audition for many jobs each day, and ultimately was able to create a replicable business model.

If you are someone who’s been on the fence about freelancing, or don’t know how to begin, this is the perfect episode for you.

“When people are starting out they think that they need to have had a lot of work to show. They rush out and buy the services of very expensive people online. Whether that’s really expensive coaching programs with multiple sessions or fancy acting classes or a really expensive microphone. But they don’t need any of that to get started.”

In this episode Avani and Andrea talk about:

  • The world of voiceover and how to get into it.
  • The audition process for voiceover work.
  • How to retain past clients with vocal work.

Main Takeaways

  • Make sure what you’re doing is viable before you buy all the tools and equipment. Branch out and see what sticks first.
  • In the world of voiceover, you won’t win every audition, but you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and get better during the next audition.
  • Working from home provides a certain flexibility to your job, but it also adds another layer of responsibility to the work that you do and the timelines you need to meet.
  • Being able to retain your relationships with past clients allows you to have more regular work. It can be beneficial to give clients deals to incentivize retention.


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