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Nov 9, 2020

Proposals drive freelance and contract businesses. But how do you know if your proposals are any good? By the time you present a proposal to a potential client, you should know enough about their pain points and goals that you can create something your prospect can’t say no to. 

I’ll share my proposal builder with you, but we’ll also discuss how you should organize your proposal and what you should include that will help your prospective clients see the vision of where you want to take them, and trust that you can get them there.

“The moment they can see [your proposal] laid out, a clear plan in front of them, they will say ‘wow, this person knows exactly what they’re doing, I need to work with them ASAP.’” ~ @avanimiriyala

Main Takeaways

  • A good proposal does one thing really well: it shows how you think. If you can communicate what your thought process is, you’re going to land more clients. 
  • When someone hires you, they want to know you can problem-solve to get the solutions they might need. 
  • Help potential clients visualize the completed project with a plan laid out in your proposal.   
  • A proposal is a critical component of gaining the trust of your prospective client. Show them you know exactly how to execute on their goals and the path you plan to take to get there.

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