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Apr 27, 2020

2020 did not start off how any of us would have expected. I had goals for my business this year, and I'm sure you did too. But, for right now, a lot of those goals have to take a back seat.

I realized that this "slow down" can be reframed as a time of opportunity, where I can still take steps to grow the business, and I'd like to share those with you this week!

In this episode, we’ll talk about how to adapt goals to fit the current environment, growing your audience through collaboration, and updating your systems to make business even easier when it picks back up.

"Take the opportunity to make the most of this time so that you can look back and be so thankful that you did what you did during this slow time. It will allow you to skyrocket and move forward in a way like never before." ~ @avanimiriyala

1. Get more rest

This is the perfect time for you to recharge and unplug. That could mean reading, hanging out, or just doing nothing for a little bit to unwind. It could also mean picking up new hobbies or creative projects that you've been wanting to make time for.

2. Work on your mind

Journaling, meditation, and working on yourself internally are great ways to take care of and up-level your mental health. Use this time to practice self-care.

3. Grow your audience

Take advantage of opportunities to get your name out there. Try collaborating with other entrepreneurs and help each other out. It may also be a good time to experiment with new platforms and build new audiences. 

4. Optimize your systems

It’s a great opportunity to implement new ideas and strategies with your business and team because there's time to breathe. Once business starts speeding up, you'll have systems in place that make your processes even smoother.

5. Update your web presence

When business is busy, it's hard to find time to stay updated on our websites and landing pages. But when things slow down, it's easier to do this kind of work. Use the time wisely. 


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