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Apr 6, 2020

Today’s guest is Selene Vakharia. Selene is an online business and marketing coach for entrepreneurs. She works with her clients to help them attract their dream customers so they can take their businesses and passions full time.

Selene is intently focused on helping businesses attract their dream clients through authentic marketing. Her definition of authentic marketing is being aware of who you are and what works well for you. Essentially, seeing prospective clients from the angle of how much value you can add to their business versus only the number that comes with making a sale.

By starting to build her brand before she had anything to sell, she was able to focus on people and the needs that weren’t being met. This allowed her to have a solid understanding of how to approaching selling and marketing when she was finally ready to sell something.

The conversation in this episode focuses on marketing your business, which is a cornerstone of creating a growing and thriving business. With so much that is happening in the world right now, this is a timely topic to go over, since we cover connectedness and how to be authentic online.

“Every time I’d go out and have a coffee with someone about a potential project that was coming up or about what I was doing, I wasn’t focused on getting the sale; I was focused on building that relationship.”

In this episode Avani and Selene talk about:

  • Selene’s view on authentic marketing and how you can use it to grow your business.
  • The time it takes to network and build relationships and why it’s worth it.
  • How to dial in your “why” and keep your business your own.

Main Takeaways

  • As a CEO, you always need to keep your dream client in mind. This will mean that your business will pivot throughout its journey. Find the gap between what your client needs from your industry and fill it. Be willing to adapt.
  • Authentic marketing is important for growing your business. For a lot of people, the traditional “sell” methods don’t work because that isn’t how they align as a person. Be aware of who you are and understand what works for you to build relationships with your clients.
  • When building relationships with clients, focus on them as a person first before moving to sales. Get to know them and take your time with it. They might not even become your client, but they’ll help connect you to different clients down the line.
  • Don’t compare your version of success with someone else. Your business should be the job that’s right for you and it should support the lifestyle that you want to have.


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