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Oct 25, 2018

As human beings, our biggest aspiration in life is to be happy. We simply want to feel good. From our late teenage years to early adulthood, we start to experience a negative edge, a mental shift. The world looks a bit darker, things start to get harder and you continuously ask yourself ‘why me’. It wasn't until recent years that the topic of mental health became a less taboo item. Since no one prepared us for it, we never learned how to address it.

My guest on the show today, Gemini Bhimani, is a long time friend, nurse, and entrepreneur. She shares with us her triumphant story of how she worked her way through depression to become a successful and passionate advocate for mental health as well as an entrepreneur. Her life lessons, healing practices and determination to live Beyond the Status Quo has transformed her experience, and her inspirational story is encouraging for anyone going through a tough time.

Today, we have apps with 24-hour counselor support, journaling techniques, medications, and meditations. There are solutions rapidly available and easily accessible to help reduce the discomfort. One of the golden nuggets from today’s episode is Gemini’s firm stance on expression. During her toughest moments, she found relief in talking to someone. She then realized she could let out her emotions through her creativity in dance and being her true authentic self. As she started to take risks and listen to her intuition her success and mission started to align. She is now the proud owner of the Junoon Dance Company as well as a registered nurse, and an active member in the Chicago Mental Health for the South Asian community. Her story will inspire you to take action, trust your instincts, and take care of yourself.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why you should pay attention to your mental health
  • How to nurture your mental health
  • Tools to help you cope with anxiety and depression
  • How to trust your instincts and live Beyond the Status Quo



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