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The 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast | Freelancing | Entrepreneurship | Clients | Finances | Motivation | Personal Development | Mindset

Jun 25, 2018

When I started freelancing / consulting, I did everything! I took every job that came my way and thought that was the way to earn more money. I didn’t have a specialty or specific industry that I worked in. I did everything “design” related. Not only was it exhausting, but the pay wasn’t as rewarding as I had hoped. In this episode, I’m sharing the steps I took to find my freelance niche and start charging more for my skills and expertise. The riches are in the niches, my friend, and today’s the day you’re going to find yours!


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why finding your niche as a freelancer is so important
  • Why niching down means charging more
  • The 3 step exercise to finding your niche


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