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Oct 12, 2020

Today I’m launching the first of my new mini-episodes series. These short episodes are a way to bring you consistent episodes that touch on whatever was on my mind at the time. Let’s kick it off by talking about something I’ve been struggling with lately: feeling worthy of my desires.

For context, I’ve been shopping for a house with my husband and when the price tag of a few of these houses landed in front of us, I was really reluctant to pull the trigger on buying it. After some introspection, I realized it was because I didn’t feel worthy of my desires. These quick tips will help you figure out how to feel worthy of what you deserve and desire.

“Imagine how powerful that affirmation is. I am worthy of my desires, no matter how big they are. I'm worthy of even my biggest desire, worthy of my smallest, all of the desires that come to me because they were put there and they're mine.” ~ @avanimiriyala

Main Takeaways

  • Practice your affirmations. You are worthy of everything that you desire. You’re worthy of your smallest and largest desires because they were put there for you.
  • Even when you’re doing the right things to cultivate a mindset that allows you to accept your desires, sometimes you’ll find that you hit a wall. Keep going and expand your mindset even more.
  • When we start working on our mind, amazing changes happen in our business.
  • If you're feeling pause or stickiness and not sure if you are worth a desire, do some journaling exercises, rewrite that code in your brain, and rewrite those affirmations to help reframe how you feel.

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