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Aug 24, 2020

Amira Alvarez is the CEO and Founder of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping thousands of driven individuals achieve their financial breakthrough,  live their best lives, and become the unstoppable individuals they know themselves to be.

Amira grew up believing that if she worked hard she would reach her goals. However, she soon realized that she was caught in the cycle of “never enough.” Once she had that realization, she committed herself to do everything she could to make things work and reset her mindset.

In this episode, Amira talks with Avani about her coaching expertise, the reason why hard work isn’t enough to help you reach your goals, and the laws of success that will universally help you become the person you imagine yourself to be.


“It’s hard in the beginning because of our upbringing and how we’re conditioned to actually think that the world is ‘happening’ to us, not for us. It doesn’t make us bad human beings, but it is how we’ve been conditioned. And so you have to recondition your thinking and reprogram yourself for success.” ~ @AmiraAlvarez

Main Takeaways

  • Sometimes the advice to just “work hard” can trap you in a cycle of never enough. And the only way to grow in that cycle is to work harder, which is ultimately unsustainable.
  • Stepping up your game is 20 percent tactical and 80 percent mindset. Being able to charge more and hold value in a sales conversation is where your mindset makes a difference. 
  • Make a commitment to yourself that whatever path you choose, you will do everything you can to make it work.
  • Define your self-image. Imagine yourself as the one who has reached your goal and then close the gap between that image and your present self. Answer this question: What would you have to do to get it done this year?


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