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May 4, 2020

It's day 45 of quarantine and my mind has finally transitioned to "Play” and “Fun." It’s important to continue to have fun and create play even though you might not have as much freedom as you'd like. 

In today’s episode, I talk about why I’m struggling with quarantine, what I’ve discovered about myself in lockdown, how I’m working to regain some control in my life even though much of what’s going on is out of my control. 

Even though we're all on lockdown, here are 10 ways I'm creating more play in my life, and how you can too. 

“I challenge you to ask yourself a powerful question. How can I create freedom even though I'm stuck at home? How can I create that?" ~ @avanimiriyala

1. Making TikTok videos

Admittedly, this might not be for everyone, but I have a background as a semi-pro dancer. I used to do Indian classical dance and perform all over the Chicago area. This is a blast for me and anyone can get caught up exploring the TikTok rabbit hole.

2. Reading for fun

I've been revisiting the Outlander series. I usually only get to read like this when I'm on vacation, but since I'm not going on any of the trips I planned, I'm pretending this is like vacation and reading for fun.

3. Walking

Getting outside and soaking up some Vitamin D is important and I’ve definitely underestimated that in the past. It's nice to get outside with a friend or partner.

4. Rollerblading (and other childhood activities)

I used to rollerblade a lot as a kid and now I love experiencing that youthfulness and freedom from the past. Look for an activity you haven't done in a while and try it again. 

5. Planning virtual hangouts

Plan a video chat with friends that you haven't seen in a while. It's been really great to talk to my different friend groups with this extra free time. 

6. Learning to read Oracle Cards 

I have a beautiful set of Oracle Cards and it's been really introspective for me to sit and look at these cards and determine what they mean for me and my life. 

7. Drawing

There's an app called Procreate, which I have been using a lot on my iPad. I figured "I'm an artist, so I should learn to draw." It's a great tool and I highly recommend you check it out.  

8. Cooking more 

My husband and I have been cooking a lot more and looking at new and interesting recipes. We've been trying to get creative with our leftovers since we're not eating out as much. 

9. Cleaning and organizing

I've been going through a couple of spots in our apartment and reorganizing. I'm also doing some maintenance tasks like making the bed and doing dishes in the morning and it’s a positive and organized start to my day.  

10. Dreaming

I've been dreaming about a whole lot of things with this newfound downtime. I've been casting these visions out into the world so that I can bring them into reality. 


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