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Mar 30, 2020

On today’s show, Kristin Molenaar, founder of Yes Boss VA, talks about how to use virtual assistants to help with the smaller business tasks while you work on the higher-level items that drive your business forward.

Kristin didn’t start as an entrepreneur, even though she always felt entrepreneurial. Her early career was in the beauty industry, but feeling stifled in her corporate job, she walked away to start her own business in 2014. She tried consulting in the beauty industry, since that’s where her experience was, but she quickly realized she didn’t really like the industry.

The first year out of her 9-5 was a struggle, but was determined to make it work. Rather than force something, she started taking freelance jobs. She picked up clients here and there and eventually grew to a point where her husband could quit his job and she could focus full-time on building the business.

Eventually, she built her business into what it is today, Yes Boss VA, a service where Kristin helps solo entrepreneurs accelerate their business development by using her network of VAs. In this episode, she talks about her entrepreneurial journey and what it means to be a leader in your business.

“I find that a lot of entrepreneurs are very stressed out and they’re really lonely. These things could be avoided completely if you put a proper team in place.”

In this episode Avani and Kristin talk about:

  • How you can hire a VA, even if you’re a new entrepreneur.
  • A CEO’s job as a leader and a new perspective on how to move your team forward.
  • Kristin’s three-step blueprint to making more money while working less.

Main Takeaways

  • As a CEO and entrepreneur, it’s important to start working with a team as soon as possible. This helps relieve the stress of small daily items and lets you work as the visionary your business needs.
  • VAs are helpful for taking care of tasks that you might’ve ended up pouring hours of research into if you tried to do it yourself. Your VA can also record themselves doing a task in case you have to do it again in the future.
  • Get your VAs involved with your vision and communicate with them. This makes running your business less lonely and you’ll be able to lean on them for support as a team.
  • Leadership is more than leading followers. Much of the time it means leading a team of leaders. What that means for you as a leader is that you should be helping these individuals step into their leadership roles much like a mentor would.


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