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Dec 30, 2019

This time of year is one of my favorites. It provides an opportunity to plan for the year ahead and to do it deliberately. Good years don’t just happen by accident. We make them happen. In today’s episode I share exactly what I plan to do to make my year a good one.

Even though I use the same methods each year, the plan itself evolves. I do it with my family, with my husband, and and it’s something you can use as a blueprint. You don’t have to copy it exactly, but use it as a starting point as you plan your year ahead.

Let’s get planning!

“If I had one secret to give you and leave you with, it’s that if you want to know how things can always go well for you, all you need to do is practice gratitude every single day.”

In this episode Avani talks about:

  • Why she organizes her thoughts and aspirations before the new year.
  • Why gratitude is so important in her life, and why it should be important in yours as well.
  • How making lists of what she learned in the previous year hep her prep for the next one.

Make mental space

Purposefully make time and set it aside to create mental white space. Have time to think and breathe mentally and just be idle and not always be thinking about your next deliverable. It’s important as we go into the new year to sit and be with your thoughts, to reflect and take stock of what happened.

Review & take stock

Take four to six hours (it doesn’t have to be all at once) and take stock of what happened over the last year. Some great ways to review and remember what you did is to look at your calendar. I always look at my calendar and go through the year, month-by-month. You can also look at photos to remind you what you did in the previous year. You’ll be surprised by how much you forgot!

List what you’re grateful for

Gratitude is such a powerful tool to have in your toolbox, and using it invites more of the same into your life. Make a long list of things that you’re thankful for over the last year. Not only will this feel good, but it will cement the idea that you should be grateful every day!

List what you learned

There are so many events that happened over the last year that you need to synthesize them and figure out what life lessons you learned from them. This will help you keep an eye out for similar lessons in the new year.

List all the significant events

Remembering these events will help you feel present in your new year and it’s also just fun to remember everything that happened.

List affirmations and desired states

What kind of person do you want to be? What are the things you want to do? How do you want to feel every day when you wake up? Paint an amazing picture of your future desires for 2020 and beyond. This is your GPS for the new year.

List out your goals

You can have any goals that you want, but it’s important to have a reason or motivation behind them. These will motivate you throughout the year to get where you want to be and help you attain that future desired state.


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