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Nov 28, 2019

Today’s guest is content creator all-star Nicholas Cole. Nicolas (aka Cole) is cofounder of Digital Press — a business that helps companies position their founders and CEOs as thought leaders through written content.

Cole’s background is a bit unusual. As a teenager, he was a top-ranked “World of Warcraft” player. As he got older, he moved into body building before finally landing in his career as a writer. Through his growth as a writer, he launched Digital Press.

Today, Digital Press has an entire staff of copywriters and editors working to present CEOs and Founders as thought leaders in their given niches.

In this episode, Cole gives us some tips on content creation, finding your voice, and building loyalty for your content.

“I treat content the same way that I would approach investing: it’s not the day trade method, it’s the Warren Buffett method. Invest in something that’s going to be sustainable over the long term.”

In this episode Nicolas talks about:

  • How to make content that engages with your audience and keeps them invested in you.
  • How to find your voice as a writer.
  • How getting feedback is critical in figuring out how and what you content you create.

Main Takeaways

  • The more you can connect with an audience on a personal level, the more interested they will be in the content you’re creating.
  • You cannot find your voice unless you are actively speaking.
  • You have to quantify how you will be better than those around you. Pay attention to what others in our sphere of influence are doing and then pivot to find a way to stand out.
  • Look at the content you are creating as an investment in a library and as a way to build loyalty, instead of chasing viral content.


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