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Oct 17, 2019

Just like your home, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the hygiene, cleanliness, and organization of your business. We have all of these things we use to run our businesses like systems, tools, apps, project management software, automations, and it’s important to check in on these things to make sure everything is running smoothly.

In this episode I share my four tips for how I keep everything clean and organized in my business.

“Housekeeping can be sometimes boring or blah, but it’s important because it is essential to the health of your business. This is what keeps things going and what makes things easier for you.”

In this episode Avani talks about:

  • Why housekeeping is important to her business.
  • The reasons she keeps such close tabs on her financial housekeeping.
  • How she keeps on top of housekeeping and makes it a priority amidst everything going on.

1. Finances and accounting

If you keep track of your dollars, or if you look into your bank account regularly, you’re going to accomplish two things: 1) have a good relationship with money and 2) invite more money in. We need to know how much is going in and out every month so we know how much we have, how much we can pay ourselves, and how much money we will have as profit. This one is really important, so make sure you implement a thorough strategy for staying on top of it.

2. Business development

Business development is the heartbeat of your business and taking the pulse of your business is important. You can do this by reviewing your contracts. The active ones, the ones waiting to be signed, the retainers, all of them. Likewise, make sure you’re reviewing and sending your invoices in a timely fashion or making sure that they are scheduled to go out at the proper times.

3. Files and assets

I have a really messy desktop and download folder. I set reminders to clean up every week and I also set reminders to backup everything. Make sure you have backups of important files so you never lose anything you’re working on. You can’t be reliant on one machine for your entire business.

4. Team management

If you’re working with anyone, you need to have weekly one-on-one meetings. This helps you (and them) keep tabs on everything that is going on. It also ensures that you are giving them the tools they need to succeed and make you money. Weekly meetings are a must!


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