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May 23, 2019

Consistency is key to getting things done. If you truly want to change the way you operate your life and business, you need to be consistent in the actions that will get you there.

After a while, these small, seemingly insignificant, changes can make a big impact. The compound effect of being consistent is hard to overstate.

Today, we’ll talk about how you can master consistency, and the results you can see from the compound effect.

Ways to Stay Consistent

  • Understand the “why” behind your consistency. If you don’t know why you are being consistent, it will be impossible to change your habits and build long-term goals.
  • Do your “consistent tasks” early in the day (within reason). Whether it’s exercising or emailing clients, do it first thing when you wake up or soon after.
  • Start before you’re ready. You’ll probably never “feel” like doing your tasks, but if you start the physical act of doing it, your feelings will follow.
  • Stay accountable to someone. If you tell someone your plans and have a partner in your task, you’re far more likely to stick with it for fear of letting them down.
  • Create recurring tasks in your project management system. This enables you to check tasks off your list every day and get that feeling of accomplishment.

“If you do the thing that you’re being trying to be consistent with early in the day and get it out of the way, you will not make room for excuses and they won’t get in the way of you seeing the manifestation of the compound effect.”

Main Takeaways

  • Consistency and the compound effect can increase your earning power and business development. Always show up and do the work and the long-term impact will not disappoint.
  • If you set a goal to reach out to to new people every day, eventually you’re going to get better at talking to people and pitching your business, and figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  • The best way to start reprogramming your mind is to understand your “why”. Take the time to figure it out because it’s the pivotal point for getting results.


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