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The 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast | Freelancing | Entrepreneurship | Clients | Finances | Motivation | Personal Development | Mindset

Mar 28, 2019

Today’s guest is Kristin Kaplan. Kristin runs a consulting business where she helps creative entrepreneurs and online experts create revenue quickly in order to gain freedom in their businesses.

Before getting into consulting, Kristin owned and operated a wedding planning business. She noticed many of the small businesses she worked with were not making enough money, or weren’t profitable at all. She decided to figure out a way to help them, and over time it grew into a fully-fledged consulting firm.

Today, Kristin helps small businesses “Plan to Profit” and strategize approaches to their business’ offerings, happily immersing herself in goals, action plans, budgets, marketing strategies, and mission statements.

In this episode, we dig deep into how to create more profit for your business, how to price properly, and elevate your income.

“It all comes back to taking action and executing because you can just keep sitting there and dreaming of all the cool things you want to do or the ideas that you have, but if you’re not going to actually create a plan and execute it step by step, then you’re never going to get there.”

In this episode Kristin talks about:

  • How to price your services by looking at the numbers
  • Planning and budgeting to make your profit goals
  • Figuring out and properly charging for your unique value

Main Takeaways

  • It’s critical to get a handle on your numbers, even if you’re not inclined to think that way. They are as important as any other aspect of your business.
  • Setting income goals is important. You need to visualize your expenses and know how much you need to make to be profitable.
  • Figuring out your unique value and what separates you from your competitors.