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Feb 14, 2019

In today’s episode, I talked with Jen Davis. Jen owns and operates Jen Davis Design, a branding company focused on small, women-owned, creative businesses.

Jen is a self-taught designer and started her career studying journalism. After graduating, she realized she was drawn more to the visual side of journalism, which led to learning design.

Though she’s not a journalist, storytelling is a big part of her job as a designer. After a few stints with magazines, she ended up moving to Texas and her freelance career was born (mostly out of necessity).

Building an abundance mindset has been one of the best things Jen has done for her business. It has allowed her to create opportunities for her business that she never thought possible. It’s also enabled her to start saying “no” more often, which is a critical component of running a successful freelance business.

Jen has also learned a lot from failure along the way and, more importantly, has learned how to use failure to grow. She also emphasizes the importance of learning how to be the one driving your fear rather than letting others do it for you. Fear can actually be empowering if you learn how to control it.

“As creatives, we need to realize that we’re actually good at what we do.”

In this episode Jen talks about:

  • How she got started in design/branding and how she transitioned to opening her own studio.
  • Figuring out the details of running her own business, pricing, working with clients, and everything else involved.
  • How she overcame self-doubt and fear around opening her own business.
  • Building an abundance mindset and the shift it has created for her.

Main Takeaways

  • An abundance mindset, and believing that there are opportunities out there for you, are critical for reaching your goals.
  • Opening a studio is more about learning to run a business than it is about designing.
  • Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from pursuing something you are passionate about. Failing can help you build a better business.