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Nov 19, 2018

Happy Monday!

Over the past few weeks, my guests and I have spoken in great depth about the impact our mindset has on our everyday lives and it's direct effect on our business. As fresh-faced freelancers and first-time entrepreneurs, the idea of selling our services can be intimidating, uncomfortable and, with an anxious mindset, unsuccessful. My mission for today's episode is to help you re-frame your mindset when it comes to sales and client management. 8 Secrets to Closing Clients Effortlessly is an episode from the BSQ archives, originally aired July 2018. Take notes & enjoy!

Let’s look beyond ‘making a sale’ and start cultivating authentic and wholesome relationships with potential clients. In today’s episode, I outline 8 Secrets to Closing Clients Effortlessly. These tips have propelled me to ‘smash’ through my record-breaking revenue months and I know these tips will help you too!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Sales tactic Do’s + Dont’s
  • Items to prepare for successful kick-off meetings
  • How to authentically drive a sales meeting for mutual benefits



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