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Nov 15, 2018

Today on theBSQ podcast I sit with Gariele Write, Web Designer, Brand Strategist and Founder of the Rad Girls Collective. Gariele’s entrepreneurial journey is filled with adventures in travel, family, friends, success, and authenticity. Her ability to remain true to her zone of genius, listen to her intuition and recognize pivoting opportunities has helped her turn her passion into a career.

As freelancers and new business owners, we are faced with fresh opportunities as well as challenges daily. It is how we respond to these pivots that makes us stronger, braver and smarter. From student to mother, influencer to designer, Gariele has been able to acknowledge, address, and tackle all of life’s unpredictable throws. She was able to learn from each experience, recognize her strengths and find her niche. Today Gariele strictly works with travel bloggers and budding travel bloggers on their website, brand development, and brand strategy. Her mission is to help her clients share their story authentically, providing the world with a true representation of themselves.

This is a great episode for freelancers too nervous to niche and social media influencers who want to genuinely inspire their followers. Gariele is currently offering a discounted rate to aspiring travel bloggers for brand mentorship + strategy!


In today’s episode you will learn:

  • Why pivoting is key in running a business
  • How tapping into your niche can lead great ROI  


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