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Sep 27, 2018

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. When we listen to our intuition and solidify our mission, we become more aligned and confident in our abilities. In today’s episode, I sit down with Dee Gautham, founder of Dee Gautham Live Fearlessly, to discuss how tapping into her intuition has helped her build her brand, overcome entrepreneurial obstacles, and find clients.

When Dee noticed an opportunity to foster a community in the Instagram fitness space she entered it without hesitation. She had no hopes of becoming Insta-famous but the more she listened to her intuition the bigger she became. Her side-hustle grew naturally and soon she was able to ditch her 9-to-5 and focus on her brand full time. Dee has now shifted from the fitness space and coaches female entrepreneurs on mission alignment and sales. I love Dee’s entrepreneurial spirit because she addresses her challenges with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a refreshing approach.

One of the biggest takeaways from today’s episode is Dee’s style to selling authentically. As Freelancers, when it comes to selling our services we often feel emotional and get intimidated. This, in turn, causes us to devalue ourselves, our time, and our skills. It is important that we put aside our ego and offer our services with a pure intention.


This episode is great for freelancers and entrepreneurs in need of a sales pep talk.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Techniques for tuning into your intuition
  • How to use your intuition to strengthen your alignment
  • How to sell with confidence


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