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Sep 17, 2018

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As freelancers and entrepreneurs, setting limits can seem impossible. In my recent episode, Burnout: Using Your Lows as a Launching Pad to Your Highs, I discuss how I hit my capacity and found myself utterly burnout over a vacation with my friends. In today’s episode, I piggyback off the topic of burnout and shed light on how the power of saying ‘no’ has helped me both mentally and in my business.

As a natural born hustler and people pleaser, the thought of turning away business never crossed my mind. I was afraid of disappointing those who wanted to work with me (and the people who referred me to their network), I always wanted to feel financially secure and I love the rush of a new project!

Saying ‘no’ was unnatural for me so I decided to do it BSQ style. I took it step-by-step and addressed the rationale behind why saying ‘no’ to new clients made me uncomfortable. As I mapped out my reasons, I began to think of the best practices I can use to turn down new business while maintaining great relationships. Once I put these methods into action, the responses I received were better than what I had imagined. I now have clients lined up for next month and time for R+R on my calendar!

This episode is great for anyone who is overwhelmed with commitments. Don’t forget, you are your biggest client, taking care of yourself and your time is number 1.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you should start saying ‘no’
  • The unexpected benefits of saying ‘no’
  • Methods for responsibly turning away new business
  • How to foster relationships with potential future clients


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