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Aug 30, 2018

I have Alysha DeMarsh of Basil & Bark on the podcast today! We dive into the freelance hacks for finding your focus, building your email list of trusted subscribers and discovering ways to create multiple streams of income, because let’s face it, passive income is awesome.

When challenged in a career crossroads, Alysha made the decision to start fresh - #BSQ style.  Thanks to the leadership of several podcasters and mentors, Alysha decided to take her design skills and start creating a product (and life) she is proud of.


Freelance Hacks: Find Alignment, Build an Email List, and Create Multiple Streams of Income with Alysha DeMarsh is a great episode for designers interested in building a freelance business.


In this episode you will learn about Alysha’s BSQ entrepreneurial journey:

  • How she created Basil & Bark
  • Tools we recommended for Freelance Designers   
  • Questions to consider in order to connect with your alignment and mission
  • How to use CTA (call to action) purposefully
  • Building email lists of loyal and interested subscribers




Connect with Alysha!
Basil & Bark Website

CreativeMarket - Basil & Bark
Instagram @basilandbark


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