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Aug 16, 2018

A typical day in the life of an entrepreneur and freelancer moves by pretty quickly, don’t you agree? We sometimes put so much energy into our work and we get so deep in our zone of genius that time flies and we forget to take care of the most important element of the job - YOU! The creator!


My mission, for this episode Using Visualization to Design Your Dream Life, is to inspire you to take action and start building a wellness practice that nurtures your mind, body and spirit. When we start to get carried away in our work, then we start to neglect ourselves. This can be the exact monster that sets you back from being your best, most productive, self. My guest today, Martine Fink is a Holistic Wellness Coach who hosts Luxury Retreats around the world. She helps entrepreneurs find their balance by creating tailored holistic wellness programs for them to insert into their daily routines. This episode is for anyone who needs help building a wellness practice from the yoga mat up.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Ideas to kick start a stellar morning routine
  • The benefits of slowing down to speed up
  • How to practice visualization and manifest with emotion
  • The power of your unique vibrations and how they affect your environment and the opportunities around you



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